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Japanese cabinet remains mum on plans to phase out nuclear power by 2040

Tokyo, Sept. 19 (ANI): Japan’s cabinet has stopped short of committing to phase out nuclear power by 2040.

It has backtracked from an advisory panel’s recommendations in the face of opposition from pro-nuclear businesses and groups.

According to the express.co.uk, ministers did not endorse the 20-page national energy policy released by the panel on Friday, and offered a more vague endorsement of its goals.

The panel, responding to public demands for an end to nuclear power in Japan following last year’s tsunami-triggered meltdowns, called on Japan to give up nuclear energy within three decades through greater reliance on renewable energy, more conservation and sustainable use of fossil fuels, the report said.

The cabinet said it would take the policy document ‘into consideration’ and would seek public support for the goal.

According to the report, National policy minister Motohisa Furukawa said the gist of Japan’s energy policy remains to phase out nuclear power, though it would take time to work out the details.

The cabinet’s ambiguous endorsement has invited criticism from some commentators that the policy revision might be intended to win votes in elections expected in the next few months, the report added. (ANI)