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It happens only in Pakistan!

Lahore, Sept. 19 (ANI): The Lahore High Court witnessed a strange case where family members of a girl claimed that her husband was in fact a woman, and pretending to be a man.

Ayesha Butt and her husband Shahzad Butt had filed a petition seeking cancellation of an FIR that the family of the girl had registered against the groom on charges of kidnapping and theft, reports The News.

Ayesha, in her statement, stated that she had not been kidnapped and had married Shahzad of her own free will. She accused her family of lodging a fake case against her husband.

Ayesha’s uncle, Arif Butt, told the court that Shahzad was not a man, but a girl, and that his real name was ‘Sonia Butt’. He also presented Shahzad’s birth certificate and school leaving certificate, which indicated that the latter was a girl.

He alleged that Shahzad was a member of a criminal gang who had trapped girls pretending to be men. He said the gang later forced innocent girls into prostitution. Arif also urged the court to order the medical examination of Shahzad so that the drama could be exposed.

The judge directed the police to cancel the FIR in light of the girl’s statement and asked the girl’s family to approach the appropriate forum to establish their claim.

Shahzad, however, defended the allegations and maintained he was very much a man. (ANI)