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India seeks more trade through Attari- Wagah

Amritsar, Sep.19 (ANI): India is expecting an expansion of a list of tradeable goods to Pakistan through Wagah land route.

Commerce Secretary S.R. Rao stated this on Wednesday at the Sri Guru Ram Das International Airport before leaving for Pakistan.

Commerce Secretaries of India and Pakistan will be holding a two-day bilateral meeting in Islamabad on Thursday and Friday, with a focus on normalising and boosting bilateral trade.

Rao is heading an 11-member delegation for the talks with his Pakistani counterpart Munir Qureshi.

Rao said the agenda is to normalize trade relations between Pakistan and India and to create prosperity for people of the two countries.

India has set up an Integrated Check Post (ICP) at the Attari Wagah land route to enhance bilateral trade.

Rao said: “Part of my visit is this seeking expansion of trade able goods by the land custom route at Wagah.”

Besides discussing a wide range of issues, New Delhi and Islamabad would be signing three agreements during the secretary level talks.

Rao said: “One is custom coordination, second is grievances redress on custom processor and third on standards. He said that removal of NPB is the part of the normalization of trade relations between India and Pakistan.

While hailing Pakistan on the way they are moving to have trade relations with India restored, Rao said: ” Pakistan has so far has kept up of their side of agreement. As much as they moved away from positive list to negative list and their cabinet has already authorized the ministry of commerce in Pakistan to normalize all trade relations with India by the end of this financial year by December.” By Ravinder Singh Robin (ANI)