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Australians’ hate for Islam found in parliamentary inquiry into multiculturalism

Sydney, Sept. 19 (ANI): A parliamentary inquiry into multiculturalism in Australia has been flooded with anonymous Islamophobic and racist submissions.

Of 513 submissions made many were anonymous and had hitting statements such as: “I do object to the current policy on immigration allowing predominately (sic) Muslim so called refugees into this country they are the biggest manipulative group around, are lying deceitful and dangerous.”

According to news.com.au, many of them have very similar themes; that multiculturalism has failed, that Muslims are to blame, that they threaten democracy in Australia and refuse to assimilate.

The submissions have been accepted by the inquiry into the ‘economic, social and cultural impacts of migration (which will) make recommendations to maximize the positive benefits of migration’.

According to the report, the right-wing extremist group Australian Defence League’s submission said that they plan “to take every lawful action and use every lawful means to inhibit Islam in Australia”.

“It might seem like pushing poo uphill and beating a dead horse, but we are adamant that Islam is not welcome in Australia,” it read.

The fundamentalist Christian group Salt Shakers calls for an end to the policy of multiculturalism.

According to the report, people said that they are concerned that Australia will turn “into another Bosnia”, or “will be known as the trash bin of the West”. (ANI)