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Anna- Kejriwal part ways for same purpose

New Delhi, Sept 19 (ANI): Anti graft crusader Anna Hazare and activist Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday parted ways, albeit with the same purpose.

Addressing mediapersons after meeting key members of the India Against Corruption (IAC) and his erstwhile close associates including Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Kiran Bedi here, Hazare stated that he won’t be a part of any political party and wished luck to Kejriwal for his political aspirations.

“I won’t contest elections. I won’t form a party. My best wishes will be there (with Kejriwal). I won’t oppose them. We complement each other, but I won’t be a part of any party. I won’t canvass for them, and they won’t use my photograph or name,” he said.

“These are two different ways, but the destination is the same,” he added.

Hazare said that Jan Lokpal Bill espoused by him is one and a half years away, and he would awaken the masses during that period.

“If you believe that you can have majority in parliament, its very good. I believe that Jan Lokpal still has one and half years to go. I’ll go around country and awaken people. I believe the government should bring Jan Lokpal before the elections, if it doesn’t, I will lay down my life,” he said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Hazare made his stand absolutely clear that he was not in favour of forming a political party, saying if Kejriwal decides to float a political party, it would mean taking a different path with the same goal of corruption free India.

“I have decided for myself not to form a political party or fight elections. But if Arvind floats one, it would mean taking a different path with the same goal of a corruption free India,” he said.

“If Arvind’s party fields a proper candidate, we will support that particular person and not all of them,” he added.

Hazare further said he would undertake a nationwide tour to seek direction to his movement.

“The exercise has begun with the Pune meeting and it will continue in Delhi where I am expecting to meet around 100 to 125 activists and hold discussions with them,” he added.

Asserting that it was time to fight a joint movement against corruption, Hazare had earlier rubbished reports of a rift between him and Kejriwal, saying this was all hype created by the media.

“There is no reality behind these reports. We have a meeting tomorrow and all these speculations are all by the media,” Hazare said

“Be it Arvind Kejriwal or anyone else who is fighting against corruption, the time has come to be united and fight this war. If we all fight against graft separately, then the same policy of divide and rule applied by the British will be used again,” he added.

Denying his foray into politics, Hazare had said that the people of this country would have the discretion to decide whether he should form a political party or not.

Hazare and his aides have been at loggerheads with the Congress led-United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government for the enactment of a strong Lokpal Bill. (ANI)