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UK Defence Secretary says ‘difficult’ to defend main base in Afghanistan from Taliban attack

London, Sept 18 (ANI): British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has admitted that NATO forces are facing difficulty in defending their main base in Afghanistan’s Helmand province from a Taliban attack.

Hammond told UK lawmakers that securing a base with an area similar to that of Reading, was inevitably a struggle.

“It is difficult to defend a site of this size, particularly when faced with a suicidal attack,” the Telegraph quoted him, as saying.

Despite its extensive garrison, numerous fences and remote location, Hammond admitted that defending the base is highly challenging.

According to the paper, British and American troops on Friday had to fight off a significant Taliban force, which breached security at Camp Bastion, where Prince Harry is deployed.

A number of aircraft, hangars and other buildings at the base were hit and badly damaged by insurgent fire during the attack.

The attack was one of several incidents over the weekend that left two British soldiers and four Americans dead. (ANI)