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Pakistan requests Interpol to criminalise ‘sacrilegious material’ on internet

Islamabad, Sept. 18 (ANI): Pakistan has requested the world’s largest police organisation, Interpol, to draft a legislation which would effectively block “sacrilegious materials” available on the internet.

Pakistan’s move came after the release of an anti-Islam film- ‘Innocence of Muslims’ – on YouTube, which sparked violence across the Muslim world.

According to officials, a formal request, the aim of which is to decrease religious tensions across the globe, has been sent to the Interpol secretary general, The Express Tribune reports.

“Interpol may work out a draft legislation to effectively counter such moves by criminals, which disturbed interfaith harmony and ultimately hurt world peace,” the letter sent out by the Interior Ministry to Interpol Secretary General Ronald K Noble, said.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik requested Noble to take up the matter with major search engines to ensure the removal of such materials. Interpol should urge member countries to draft a new law which would help internet operators in blocking all anti-Islamic matter on the internet, saying that all such material was highly detrimental to the ‘war on terror’, Malik said.

A draft proposal may be placed before the upcoming meeting of the UN General Assembly to be held in Rome, according to ministry officials. (ANI)