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Now, iPhone app to help women slip out of sexually harassing moments

London, Sept 18 (ANI): A new iPhone application has been developed to help women deal with embarrassing situations of sexual harassment.

From catcalls to leering colleagues, the “Not Your Baby” tool provides withering one-liners to tackle a range of compromising situations, the Daily Mail reported.

Users are instructed to enter information about their scenario, including the setting and the identity of their harasser in order to get the appropriate advice, the report said.

All of the responses are generated based on submissions from other users.

Toronto-based Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women hopes its invention will offer virtual support to thousands of women worldwide.

An example shows if the user selects “boss” as the offender and the location as “social situation” the app states: “Get a trusted person outside of the workplace to call you every so often and check to see how you’re doing.”

“A lot of people said they had a hard time thinking of responses [to harassment] in the moment,” developer Andrea Gunraj told the Torontoist.

She added that she hopes that the gadget will not only prevent instances of harassment “before they happen, but also during and after they happen.”

“Not Your Baby” also includes facts and personal stories of harassment, as well as legal definitions and community resources.

It is currently available for free at the iTunes store. (ANI)