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Mamata’s pullout won’t affect our decision: Ram Gopal Yadav

New Delhi, Sept 18 (ANI): Shortly after Mamata Banerjee led- Trinamool Congress decided to walk out of the UPA, Samajwadi Party’s (SP) Ram Gopal Yadav said that Banerjee’s pullout would not affect SP’s decision.

Interacting with media here, Yadav said the issues that propelled the pullout must be taken seriously.

“When it comes to SP, we wont be influenced by this decision. We will take a decision after due consideration and internal meetings. This is not going to affect the decisions we make. The issues on which the pull out has taken place should have been taken seriously. The government should have rolled back,” he said.

Accused the Congress party of taking unilateral decisions, Yadav said, “They have taken decisions irrespective of the wishes of the allies. The manner the decisions were taken was not good. They took these decisions without consulting anyone.”

On SP’s next course of action, Yadav said that all such decisions would be taken after Thursday.

“After 20th, we may sit and consider deciding what our next step will be. We will have a parliamentary meeting. We wont decide anything by this. We will have proper discussion. We are having a protest on the 20th, and only then we will take any decision,” he added. (ANI)