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Bigg Boss 6 : Preparations for choosing contestants on

Mumbai, Sep 18 (): The most expected reality show, “Bigg Boss 6”, will be soon invading the small screen. Before the show could start on October 7th in ‘Colors’ channel, speculations about the show’s contestants in the 6th season are more.

The makers of the show have planned for several changes as far as contestants are concerned. Bigg Boss 6 will have four special elements for the show – a big yellow talking Macaw parrot, named Radhe, a petite fish in an aquarium, a common man in the crowd of celebrities and Bollywood star Salman Khan as host.

At the press conference held in Mumbai, Salman Khan said that to be selected as a contestant in the show, the common man should have a good personality, should be an achiever and should have done a good deed.

The actor says the best thing about the reality show is the contestants will stay in an isolated house under camera observation for 3 months, which would reveal the people’s (contestant’s) real personality.

He opines that everyone’s true personality eventually comes out. At the show contestants play games and get carried away. They do things which they have never thought they could do. Many people still think that once they enter inside the Bigg Boss house and fight with all, they might win ‘Bigg Boss’. The fact is whoever has won ‘Bigg Boss’ is a very dignified person.

Salman Khan said that he was not aware of how much the makers have tried to put everything under control and apt for family viewing, but what happens inside the Bigg Boss house could not be controlled by them.

He added that the contestants could not be controlled. In the house, the makers cannot say- do not say this or do this. All that the TV channel could do is not to show the controversies on-screen. The plan of this year’s show is what the viewers are seeing on TV is carefully edited and only the most decent clips would be shown.