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More ‘active efforts’ required in US to deal with cyber threats, says ex-FBI official

Washington, Sept. 17 (ANI): The U.S. Government has taken a ‘failed approach’ to cyber security and making efforts focusing on reducing vulnerabilities, rather than actively deterring attackers, a former FBI cyber officials said.

Steven Chabinsky, a 17-year bureau veteran who stepped down as the FBI’s top cyber lawyer this month, argued that the progress made in setting security standards for companies, which has been a goal for the Obama administration and the focus of congressional debate, is useful only ‘in the margins’.

According to the Washington Post, Chabinsky said that more important is to enable companies, whose computer networks are targeted by criminals and foreign intelligence services, to detect who’s penetrating into their systems and to take more aggressive action to defend them.

“The FBI needs stronger partners in the private sector who can figure out who the bad guys are, and there needs to be much stronger relationships between the private sector, law enforcement and the courts to ensure that all the legal authorities that exist can be brought to bear against cyberattackers,” he said.

Chabinsky, who was the FBI Cyber Division’s deputy assistant director and who has joined the security firm Crowdstrike, said he is ‘not advocating vigilantism’ or striking back at an attacker for retaliation’s sake.

Rather, he said, from his FBI experience, that he thinks that there needs to be much more debate and clarity about what companies can and cannot do to protect themselves, the report said.

According to the report, Chabinsky acknowledged that there is need to be protections against unintended consequences and against actions that caused damage to innocent parties.

“What victims are talking about is getting onto a server” and deleting or encrypting their own data before it’s stolen, he said, adding: “They’re not talking about taking vengeance and frying a system.”

According to the report, he said that the bottom line is ‘the defense has to be done in a judicious way’. (ANI)