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Manmohan Singh more sensitive to global lobby than locals’ concerns, says Karat

Kolkata, Sep 17 (ANI): In the backdrop of the central government’s latest decision to allow Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail sector, Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) General Secretary Prakash Karat has accused Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh of being more sensitive to international pressure than the problems plaguing the country.

“What has changed since November (2011) except that Dr. Manmohan Singh who is more sensitive to pressures and criticism from outside – what are the reasons they are criticising is – you are not performing, you are not opening FDI to retail, so what is said in Washington and London is more important for this Prime Minister than the interests of the people of this country,” Karat told media.

The Washington Post had recently reported on Dr. Singh stating that ‘the shy, soft-spoken 79-year-old is in danger of going down in history as a failure’ other than terming him as a silent ‘tragic figure’.

Karat further challenged the UPA government to display its integrity vis-a-vis the commoners.

“I would like to challenge UPA government and the Congress party to show us at least two or three more parties which have now changed their mind since November. The entire opposition is opposed to it, from the right to the Left. All the regional parties have come out against it,” said Karat.

However, Congress leader Anil Sharma lauded the government’s move terming the step as a bold one in the directing bolstering the Indian economy.

“It is a welcome step which has been lauded by almost every sphere, I would like Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to exhibit the same firm stand shown during the Nuclear Deal in 2008. The government was on the verge of falling amidst withdrawal of support from the Left Front; so I believe when such an eminent economist tries to formulate policies and decision for the benefit of the country then no doubts should be raised,” said Anil Sharma.

Sharma also hit back at opposition for disrupting the entire monsoon session of the Parliament demanding the Prime Minister’s resignation over the ‘Coalgate’ scam.

“I believe that the complete stalling of the entire session of the Indian Parliament is like an attack on the democratic structure of the country. Clarity would have dawned if the main opposition had entertained the demand for debate. But it felt as if the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) never wanted to have a discussion over the issue,” added Sharma. (ANI)