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IPL schedule to delay Pakistan Premier League further: PCB

Karachi, Sept. 17 (ANI): The Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) plan of organising a Pakistan Premier League (PPL) keeps getting delayed, and this time, it is the schedule of the sixth edition of the Indian Premier League that is hampering the PCB’s plans.

Earlier, the PCB had announced that it would organise the league in October, but postponed the plan to March due to a number of reasons, reports The Express Tribune.

Next year’s IPL, which is expected to be played between April 4 to May 26, may push the Pakistan’s Twenty20 competition further, a PCB official said.

The PCB is planning to hold the event from March 15, stretching to about 15 to 18 days after Pakistan’s tour of South Africa.

“It’s a tricky situation for the PCB. The schedule of the two leagues is very close together and that may affect our plans in many ways including the availability of prominent players and broadcasting issues to name a few,” the official said.

“We might have to push the PPL further but right now we are focusing on staging it in March,” he added. (ANI)