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Haryana Police baton charge Faridabad shopkeepers during anti-encroachment drive

Faridabad, Sep 17 (ANI): Haryana Police baton charged local shop owners here on Monday while removing illegal encroachments.

Scores of shop owners vehemently protested as their shops were being bulldozed.

Irate shop owners vandalised a police vehicle parked at the spot, which led to the baton charge by policemen.

Several shopkeepers were arrested during and after the clash.

A shopkeeper said that the authorities had not given the notice for the eviction drive on time, and added that soon a bigger protest would be launched.

“They announced a few days ago that the shop owners must remove their goods from the footpath. But we did not get any information and they baton charged us. We will protest against this. The shop owners have suffered loss as they have completely demolished some of the shops. We will surely protest,” he said.

The Joint Commissioner of Faridabad, Anita Yadav, however, said the eviction drive had been ordered as roadside encroachments were obstructing traffic movement.

“The shop keepers often encroach upon the road. We have ordered to demolish these encroachments so that the people do not face problems while commuting and the roads are not blocked,” she said. (ANI)