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Congress livid with Modi over Rahul Gandhi jibe

New Delhi, Sep 17 (ANI): Congress Party on Monday hit back at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi over his jibe that Rahul Gandhi is an ‘international leader and can contest election in Italy also’.

“What should we say about Modi…. Yes, this is true that Rahul Gandhi is a leader of the country’s biggest democracy. Unfortunately this is not said about Modi, but only about Rahul,” Congress spokesperson Renuka Chowdhary told mediapersons here.

“It is better that the Gujarat Chief Minister has realised where does he stand,” she added.

Modi earlier in the day poked fun at Rahul Gandhi, saying the Congress General Secretary is ‘not a national leader but an international leader and he can contest election in India as well as in Italy’.

“A Congress leader made a statement recently that Rahul Gandhi is a national leader of Congress and I am a regional leader. I am happy to be a leader of Gujarat, but I do not consider Rahul as national leader,” said Modi, while addressing the Swami Vivekananda Youth Convention in Rajkot.

“I am proud to be a regional leader of Gujarat. Rahul is not a national leader but an international leader and he can contest elections in India as well as in Italy,” he added, while targeting the foreign origin issue of UPA chairperson and Rahul’s mother Sonia Gandhi.

Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh had earlier on Sunday described Modi as a regional leader, and termed Rahul a national leader.

“The Congress leaders in Gujarat are enough to take on Modi,” he added. (ANI)