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Shiv Sena protests diesel hike in Mumbai

Mumbai, Sept 16 (ANI): Shiv Sena on Sunday staged a protest march against Centre’s decision to raise prices of diesel, LPG cylinders and reducing subsidy on gas cylinders.

Leading the protest was Shiv Sena executive president, Uddhav Thackeray, who urged the top partner in the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA), Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress (TMC), to pull out of the coalition and “bury the Congress party.”

“A lot of times it has happened that Mamata Banerjee issues warning, but after some time the whole thing cools off. I think it is time to go beyond the stance of ‘or else’ and bury the Congress party once and for all,” Thackeray said.

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh led Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), on Friday had hiked diesel prices by Rs. 5 per litre.

The Committee also decided to limit the number of subsidised cooking gas cylinders per household to six per year, a move seen as hitting the poor hard. Any cooking gas cylinders bought over this ceiling would be at enhanced market rates, which could almost double the price.

The prices of petrol have been left unchanged. (ANI)