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Kuwaiti young men warned against ‘flirting, showing-off’ near girls’ schools

Manama, Sep 16 (ANI): Kuwait’s public security has warned the local male youngters against flirting or showing-off near girls’ schools in the Middle-East city.

“We have taken all the required measures to deal with negative behaviour near schools,” Gulf News quoted Mahmoud Al Dossary, the interior ministry assistant undersecretary for public security, as saying.

“We will be firm in addressing negative attitudes by boys near girls’ schools, fights, bogus calls to the police, traffic congestion and everything that could mar the normal unfolding of a school day,” he added.

Police in Kuwait have often had to deal with adolescents engaged in seeking the admiration and mobile numbers of girls in front of their schools.

More patrols will be on the roads to monitor behaviour while better links with the operation rooms will help speed up measures to settle issues, he said.

“We will be prompt in dealing with any situation to ensure that everything remains under control,” the official said.

Traffic plans to ensure smooth movement of vehicles transporting students were drawn up with several stakeholders that included state institutions.

“We also talked with school principals in order to establish and reinforce communication channels that will help the public security agencies deal with possible problems,” Al Dossary said.

“In all cases, the public security staff will deal uncompromisingly and stringently with all negative attitudes and behaviour. We will not tolerate the use of cars to show off in front of girls’ schools or to engage in attention-seeking activities behind or ahead of buses carrying girls,” he said. (ANI)