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Congress faces tough situation within the party, Mamata sets deadline

New Delhi, Sep 16 (): Differences within the Congress party due to the recent hike in diesel price as well as restriction in LPG cylinders has enforced party leaders to demand roll back of the decision by saying it has come as a great shock to the party.

“The government’s decision to hike the prices of diesel and restricting the supply of LPG gas cylinders for each family to six per year is a big blow for common man. They should withdraw the decision,” said Anil Shastri.

 Shastri requested the Prime Minister to interfere in the matter and take a decision on rollback of the previous announcement. The Congress leader also uttered that Rahul Gandhi and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi have been working hard but unfortunately all the time their efforts are being knocked down. “The government’s decision might end up in a misery,” said Shastri.

Observing that by paying double the cost for LPG cylinders, when it exceeds six per year, will only support black-marketing of cooking gas which can create a misery to the common man who is already burdened with the overall rise in price. Such additional burden if given to a family will lead to unnecessary misinterpretation within the family and in times can also end up in great sorrow, claimed the Congress leader.

On the other hand, Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee   attacked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh by saying political leaders nowadays are much worried about their success than the people. The ruling Congress should think twice before crossing the Lakshman Rekha of the coalition party.

Mamata has set a deadline for the Central government till Tuesday. Mamata said if the Congress fails to withdraw its decision to roll back diesel price hike, then the Trinamool Congress will have to be severe in taking a tough decision against the Congress Party.