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Check your pet into Britain’s first luxury spa hotel for dogs

London, Sept 16 (ANI): A town in Essex, England is the first to have a doggy spa hotel in the world.

It is Towie, but for dogs. When one pulls into Essex Pooch Palace in Wickford, you are greeted by the founder and owner, Tracey Rust.

Rust, 37, a farmer’s wife, came up with the idea of opening a doggy hotel because she found she was never able to leave her own dog, Pedro, who is rather predictably Spanish in origin, and go away on holiday.

“I was living in Marbella at the time, and I found him in a rescue home,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

“When we came home to Essex after five years, he had to come with me. He spent six months in quarantine, but he was worth it. He’s like a person!” she said.

Pedro now lives on the 24-acre farm, and has his own bedroom with en suite bathroom.

To say he is cosseted is a huge understatement: he is Tracey’s son, along with her daughters Natalie, 14, and Sophia, 11, and another son, Terry-Joe, who is 16.

Tracey has built the dog hotel in one of the farm’s outbuildings.

No expense has been spared. There is underfloor heating, Chandeliers, twenty-four-hour CCTV surveillance cameras.

Dog beds in the shape of high-heel shoes, made out of leopardskin fabric, and little mosquito-netted four-poster beds.

There is even a flatscreen TV, a “plasma,” showing Garfield and Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 on a loop.

There are five luxury kennels. A spa is currently being built.

Girl guests have the word “Princess” in Disney lettering above their day beds, while boy dogs have the word “King.”

Owners are encouraged to leave worn items of clothing or trainers, so their dog can sleep with a comforting, familiar smell. The kennels don’t smell of dog, and there is very little barking.

The service doesn’t come cheap, at 20 pounds-a-day. (ANI)