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Uttarakhand rainstorm leaves 29 dead, 31 missing

Dehradun, Sep 15 (): The wee hour cloud burst in Uttarakhand since Friday night have led to landslides and flash floods killing twenty-nine people in the hilly area. Other than 29 deaths, 31 were reported to be missing due to the heavy rain.

Ukhimath area in Rudraprayag district was said to be the most affected due to the landslide that caused heavy destruction to houses and other personal belongings in eight villages. Most of the people were killed while they were sleeping, said sources. The Mitigation Department in Dehradun recovered the bodies of the dead who were washed away in the flood.

“Till now a total of twenty-nine bodies have been recovered,” said Piyush Rautela Executive Director of (DMMD). The officers also claimed that the number of casualties are expected to increase as some of the people are reported missing.

People in hundreds have been already shifted to the relief camps. Rescue operations are being carried out in the region with the help of the army and Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) personnel. Continuous rain is hampering the rescue operations, said Rautela.

After disaster hit the region, a total of 120 army and ITBP personnel were deployed in the area in order to help the people to move to a safer destination.

Helicopters are kept reserved to fly people in case of any emergency. Communication networks are badly affected disrupting rails and roads in addition to national highways in the area, said the DMMC officials.

Highways heading to Rishikesh-Badrinath and Rishikesh-Gangotri were kept closed following the incident of landslides that were caused by continuous rain.

Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna requested the District Magistrate to make sure whether relief and rescue operations are appropriately done, and also announced Rs ten crores for this. Sources said similar incident took place last month in the district of Uttarakashi killing twenty-eight people.