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Muslim protestors attack U.S. consulate in Chennai over anti Islam film

Chennai, Sep 14 (ANI): Muslim protestors attacked the U.S. consulate in Chennai on Friday.

Agitated protestors gathered outside the consulate building and shouted anti-US slogans as they pelted stones and burnt U.S. flags in protest against the anti Islam film, which some feel insults Prophet Mohammad.

No one was, however, injured in the incident.

Policemen were deployed in and around the building of the U.S. consulate to prevent any untoward incident from reoccurring and they also barricaded the road leading to the building.

Soon after the attack, a US consulate official visited the site to take stock of the situation.

The 13-minute English-language video portrays the Muslim Prophet Mohammad.

Many of the Islamic faith regard any depiction of the prophet as blasphemous.

The amateur production, entitled the “Innocence of Muslims,” and originating in the United States, portrays the Prophet Mohammad in a negative manner.

Caricatures or other characterizations of Prophet Mohammad have in the past-provoked violent protests across the Muslim world.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said Washington had nothing to do with the crudely made film posted on the Internet, which she called ‘disgusting and reprehensible’. (ANI)