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Govt. bans web pages carrying controversial anti-Islam film

New Delhi/Chennai, Sep 14 (ANI): The Congress-led UPA Government has banned on Internet a controversial film offensive to Islam.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has forwarded a request in this regard to Jammu and Kashmir Government to block all web pages where the film is available.

The Federal authorities in the United States have identified a person in South California, considered to be the brain behind this controversial film.

Meanwhile, protests continue against the film. In India protest demonstrations were held in front of U.S. Consulate in Chennai and in Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar City.

Muslim protestors attacked the U.S. consulate in Chennai on Friday.

Agitated protestors gathered outside the consulate building and shouted anti-US slogans as they pelted stones and burnt U.S. flags in protest against the anti Islam film, which some feel insults Prophet Mohammad.

No one was, however, injured in the incident.

Policemen were deployed in and around the building of the U.S. consulate to prevent any untoward incident from reoccurring and they also barricaded the road leading to the building. (ANI)