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Some amusing facts why iPhone spell checker sucks!

London, Sep. 13 (ANI): Users of apple iPhone must be facing what is called an ‘unintentional absurdity’ due to the smartphone’s spell check that often mistakes common words.

Some of the most disastrous and unfortunate text messages ever sent have been complied by Buzfeed.

According to the report, when a user typed ‘Your mom and I are going to Disney next month’, the auto correct changed the word ‘Disney’ to ‘Divorce’, sparking a bewildered response from the recipient.

Similarly, a user wrote ‘Grandma is in the grave’. Here the actual word was ‘garage’ which was turned into ‘grave’ by the over eager auto correct.

According to the site, an iphone user wrote, ‘Screw the gym! I’ am getting pregnant tonight’. The user had actually written ‘pringles’ instead of the word ‘pregnant’.

Another user wrote ‘I am going to sit at home and eat ‘salad’, I need to save money’.

The message shocked the recipient, as the word ‘salad’ was turned to ‘slave’.

All thanks to the iPhones’ auto spell check! (ANI)