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US prepares to mark 9/11 anniversary

New York, Sep 11 (): Americans have planned to mark the 11th anniversary of 9/11 attacks on Tuesday following low-key ceremonies, which would reflect gradual reducing of passion about the fateful day.

In New York, rural Pennsylvania and suburban Washington, thousands will assemble to mark the anniversary. Ritual reading of the names of the victims in the 9/11 attack at New York’s Ground Zero will be the main event. The names will be read out by the relatives of the victims against a background of a mournful music.

They will give a pause for moments to maintain silence marking the time each of the 4 planes were hijacked by al-Qaeda members that turned into fire — two hitting the Twin Towers, one against Pentagon and the other against Pennsylvania field. Then, the gathering will observe two more moments of silence at the exact time, when the two towers collapsed, which accounted for the majority of the attack’s victims.

In Shanksville, the name reading will begin at 10.03am by relatives of the victims and the local volunteers. A bell will ring once a victim’s name is read out and flowers will be placed at the Wall of Names honouring the dead.

However, this year no politicians will take the stage at Ground Zero. Last year, on the 10th anniversary, US President Barack Obama had a long VIP guests’ list.

This year, President Obama and US first lady Michelle will be observing the anniversary by maintaining silence for a moment outside White House and they will be visiting Pentagon memorial.

In previous year anniversaries, politicians have taken part in the reading the victim names or have read lines from Bible or have recited verses from literature. For this anniversary, only the family members of 2,750 who were killed will take up the stage to read out their names.

The White House statement said Barack Obama had been informed by “the key security principles on security and preparedness” for the anniversary.