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Karnataka nods to release 1K cusecs of Cauvery water to TN

New Delhi, Sep 11 ():It is a dream coming true for Tamil Nadu after the Karnataka government on Monday accepted the Supreme Court’s order to release 1K cusecs of water from Cauvery river to Tamil Nadu till September 20.

As Karnataka accepted the order, a bench of justices D.K. Jain and Madan Lokur did not press further to accept Tamil Nadu’s appeal for directing  the state of Karnataka to release 2 TMC of water. The bench also  odserved that it expects the Cauvery River Authority (CRA) to find a better solution to the ongoing water dispute between the two states as soon as possible.

While disposing Karnataka’s appeal, the court said that if the case is kept awaiting, then the concerned authorities might not take steps to find out a possible solution to the ongoing dispute. The court however gave the order to the state government to take necessary steps if the CRA meeting fails to take place.

The CRA meeting which includes the Chief Ministers of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Kerala will be  held on September 19. Earlier, the bench blamed the PMO officials for its failure in fixing the correct date for the CRA meeting, and expressed concern over the attitude of the  central government whose lawyers were not present while the case was in process.

The bench stated in its order, ” The Karnataka government  has shown a  good sign by agreeing to release extra water and also  assured that from September 12, 1K cusecs of water will be granted to Tamil Nadu till Sep 20.”

The court also made clear that if the meeting of CRA is not held owing to some reason then both the parties should take the responsibilities in taking the right step as per the order.

Tamil Nadu in its appeal has said that even though the  monsoon  this year has not been energetic in the state of Karnataka, it  received 21.9 TMCft of inflow in its  main  tanks up to July 20. But still it failed to  share waters with Tamil Nadu.