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Two tornadoes hit New York city

New York, Sep 10 (): Two rare and severe tornadoes crossed New York’s region of Queens and its neighbourhood Brooklyn, bringing high winds, heavy rain, causing blackouts, damaging homes and throwing away debris into the air.

The first tornado with winds about 70 mph whipped onshore and changed into a severe tornado at Breezy Point, a neighbourhood of Queens on the west edge of Rockaway peninsula.

The second severe tornado, with winds reaching 110mph, hit the Canarsie area of Brooklyn just few minutes later.

Some parts of the New York city were also slammed with heavy down pour brought by the severe storms.

The two twisters knocked out power in the area but caused no serious injuries. Eyewitnesses in Queens stated seeing electricity pylons and trees being uprooted and waste bins and picnic benches being lifted and thrown into the air. Some reports said vehicles were also thrown up which caused few minor structural damages to nearby buildings.

Tornado watches and warnings were issued for the whole day across New York, Connecticut and New Jersey before the strong winds expire on Saturday night.

The harsh winds forced US Open women’s and men’s singles tennis matches held in the Flushing Meadows, New York City to be rescheduled to Sunday.

The National Weather Service (NWS) released its forecast saying thunderstorms and more tornadoes are likely to disturb parts of Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

Tornadoes are usually rare in the areas surrounding New York City, but in recent years the city is experiencing tornadoes on a regular basis. Saturday’s tornadoes were a part of the strong storms that hit East Coast that flooded the streets of a number of New England towns and left thousands in dark in Washington DC area.

Records say three tornadoes ripped through New York City in 2010, knocking down power lines, uprooting trees and damaging several buildings and vehicles.