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Raaz 3 – Review

            Raaz 3 - Review

(Sep 09): Raaz (Secret) is the unsaid desire, the mysteries unraveled, anticipations unrevealed. This horror flick – a trilogy with no whatsoever connection to its previous sequel or the prequel is nothing different from a regular Bollywood number, but not similar to it as well. Bips has donned villain, serial kisser Emraan Hashmi at his best and Esha Gupta indeed has co-operated well.

Surreptitious mystery

Shanaya (Bips) plays an actress for whom her stardom and career growth are at stake. Miraculously she gets nominated for an award but obviously loses it to a debutant Sanjana (Esha Gupta). Shanya, now heart stricken loses her faith in the lord Almighty and opts the path ofSatan (evil).

But to make Sanjana fall for her black magic, she seeks the help of her director cum lover Aaditya (Emran Hashmi). Though he agrees upon to her request, soon realizes that Sanjana doesn’t deserve this. But when things get out of hand, when Aaditya sacks Shanaya for Sanjana, she goes crazy and opts black magic again to finish off Sanjana once and for all. Will she succeed? Or will Aditya be able to foil her plans? What happens to Sanjana, will she find out! If she does, will she be able to forgive Aaditya? Well, you’ll have to find it yourself from cinemas near you.


            Raaz 3 - Review

When you walk out of cinemas, you’ll sigh that “At least it wasn’t a regular horror cinema with all those skeptical, out-focused, close-up shots.”

Bips and Emraan Hashmi are at their best, irrespective of the scenes – be it bedroom scenes or the battlefield!

Ample amount of titillating and kinky scenes – to score well at youth section (which obviously means box office).


Bips: I was a star. I am a star. I will always remain a star…

Emraan (to Bips):Jiski madadh Baghvan naa dhe sake, usko koi nahi madadh kar sakthe
<<When God couldn’t help you, no one else could!>>

Esha (to Emraan): Ye dil me pyaar hai, lekin koi nahi – pyaar dene ke liye
<<This heart has lots of love, but none – to share it>>

Bips (to Emraan): If you can love me, you can be stupid for me right!


            Raaz 3 - Review

A big question – Why 3D?

Music doesn’t sink-in to the expectations and so does the choreography at most instances.

A couple of horror scenes (or that’s how they claim it to be) where the auditorium falls into sarcastic laughter while the makers have expected the patrons to bite their nails from the edge of their seats!

Is this a horror story or a love story! Perplexed!!

Most horror scenes were replicated from movies like – Slither, Ring, etc.


The original choice for the female lead of the film was Jacqueline Fernandez, but she had later dropped out – not wanting to be establish herself the glam queen.

The Raaz 3 trailer was originally scheduled to be attached with the prints of Rohit Shetty’s Bol Bachchan on July 6, 2012. However, it was delayed multiple times due to censoring.

Best Rated: 6/ 10

Worst Rated: 5.5/ 10

Raaz – a delightful horror