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Poor pay for Indian IT work force

Bangalore, Sep 10 () : Indian IT firms are among the 10 smallest spending companies, with their middle-to-upper level teams getting a typical wage of around Rs 21.5 lakh yearly which compared to worldwide top-paying European companies is only one-fourth of the pay programme.

Pay packets in the IT industry of Europe are the greatest on the globe at a typical average of Rs 93 lakh yearly, as per a survey.

The research performed by an international recruiting service agency, has rated Indian companies in 8th position among 10 toughest IT paymasters worldwide.

Compared to India, Europe appears at the top in the list of highest paying countries in the Information Technology industry.

The research which was conducted in August 2011, studied factors like the common incomes for employees who had put in minimum four and more years of experience in Indian and other global companies. The report went through the yearly money settlements and complete payment accounts for IT team in more than forty various nations and studied accounts sheets of 6,000 companies and discovered that companies in European countries are the highest paying companies.

Studies of salary patterns also discovered that settlements in European world stress more on various elements like advantage techniques, to entice team whereas the focus remains on money settlement in the least paying nations.

Experienced IT professionals are highly in demand in Indian companies and there is a strong competition to entice and maintain experienced workers. MNCs depend intensely on these professionals, so to retain them they will have to offer competitive pay packets.

IT professionals in Indian companies are superior than their alternatives in nearby China, whose average yearly settlement packages were lesser.
Apart from this, IT workers in India obtained more wages than their colleagues in Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

‘There is a possibility of IT skilled manpower migrating to countries which pay more, says the report.