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Paralympic Games ends with spectacular closing ceremony

London, Sep 10 (): The London Paralympics 2012 came to an end last night, which saw a grand closing ceremony at the Olympic Stadium, finally handing over the games officially to 2016 host, Rio de Janeiro.

The grand closing show was described as “festival of flame”, which paid honour to Britain’s ancient festivals and traditions. The ceremony paid tribute to the high spirits of the athletes.

The show which had a live set imitating four seasons, started at 20:30 BST. Coldplay, Peacock and Simmonds took the centre stage and rocked the stadium.

Jay-Z, who joined the 3-hour long party filled 80,000-seat arena, played host to the memorable moments in both Paralympics and the Olympics.

The event was described by the organisers as the “greatest Paralympic Games ever”. The 4,200 Paralympians who had come to participate in the Games from 164 countries encircled the main arena from the start of the show. They were waving flags, taking in extraordinary atmosphere, where they were put at the centre of action.

Coldplay sang few songs from his famous five albums, while the dancers of Candoco Dance Company – a modern group of non-disabled dancers and 12 disabled- performed dances with flames moving around the face of “sun king”.

When the ceremony was nearing end, Paralympians Jonnie Peacock and Ellie Simmonds helped in putting out Paralympic flame that was shared across the stadium symbolising the fact “the eternal nature of the flame lives among us all”.

Finally, fireworks display went off over Olympic Park and along River Thames. A projection was found on the Houses of Parliament that read: “Thank you London, thank you UK.”

Prime Minister David Cameron, who spoke at the start of the ceremony, said the disabled are super-humans.

Sir Philip Craven, International Paralympic Committee president declared the 2012 Paralympics closed and said these Games have changed all forever.