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Akhilesh recommends Congress to provide Rahul Gandhi a larger role

Lucknow, Sep 9 (): The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has requested the ruling Congress government to provide a major role to Rahul Gandhi in the Centre without making further delay.

In a reply to the reporters who asked his idea about Rahul Gandhi’s bigger role in the party, Akhilesh said, ” It is a better idea indeed, but whatever decision is made should be done at the earliest.” Even Prime Minister and the President have earlier discussed about the matter but it is up to Rahul to decide.

When asked whether Rahul who had lost the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls, can be a  better Prime Minister, to which Akhilesh stated, ” younger people must play a larger role.”

Six months back while the assembly elections in UP were held, Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party suffered a shocking defeat by the Samajwadi Party.

Akhilesh asserted that if Rahul Gandhi assumes a bigger role, then there is no doubt he shall certainly be achieving his goal. ” Rahul should be given an opportunity for which each and every one is waiting. But then it depends upon Rahul himself to decide,” told the Uttar Pradesh chief minister.

The Samajwadi Party the moment it formed the government handed over a cheque of Rs 1000 to unemployed under the unemployment allowance scheme. More than ten thousand unemployed youth from different parts of the state were given the cheques.

 “One of the main worries of the state is unemployment. We give first preference to farmers in our State and we are also taking necessary steps to help them,” said the Chief Minister  of Uttar Pradesh.

The Samajwadi Party  is also planning to employ farmers in the industries which is about to be launched in the state. The UP government has also decided to provide free of cost water supply from submersible pumps in order to produce  crops.