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Shiv Sena chief warns Pakistani cricket players against playing in Mumbai

Mumbai, Sep 9 (): Following Raj Thackeray who created issues in the recent past including the prohibition of a TV show in which Pakistani artistes participated, Shiv  Sena chief  Bal Thackeray has now announced that he would definitely not allow the Pakistani cricket players to play here in Mumbai.

“I will not accept the Pakistani players to participate and play in Mumbai. I will keep my word and will do according to that,” said Bal Thackeray in his party magazine editorial.

Bal Thackeray gave a warning call to Muslim fundamentalists who prefer creating bloodshed in the country. “We shall not permit even a single extremist Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslim to reside in the country as we have branches all over the country,” said Bal Thackeray.

After the demolition of Babri masjid, Muslim extremists have started creating unrest in Mumbai and other parts of the country. Even the Azad Maidan violence that took place on Aug 11 is said to be pre-planned.

Blaming the Maharashtra Police for arresting a man from Bihar in connection with the Azad Maidan riot, Thackeray said, “What makes you get angry?  In our country, laws are made for dangerous people. If you don’t want to arrest criminals from your state then make sure they don’t come to Mumbai and create problems, before you blame the police action,” without mentioning the Bihar chief minister.

As far as the political condition in Delhi is concerned, Thackeray said there is nothing to be surprised as he already knew the Parliament will not function properly.

“I knew the country will face such a disorder as we are on the edge of it. There will be elections before 2014. This is how I guess,” observed Thackeray.

Bal Thackeray challenged to do wonders by creating many changes in the country and set things in the right order if he is given the charge of military.