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Cartoonist Aseem sent to police custody over controversial national emblem sketches

Mumbai, Sep 9 (ANI): Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi, who was arrested on the basis of complaints against him for insulting national symbols in his anti-corruption cartoons, was on Sunday placed in police custody for a week by a Mumbai court.

He was charged with sedition under Section 124 A of the Indian Penal Code, which is a non-bailable offence.

He was also charged under the IT Act and the 1971 National Emblem Act.

The cartoons by Trivedi reportedly depicted Parliament as a commode and showed the national emblem with wolves instead of lions.

The police claimed that Trivedi had earlier exhibited similar cartoons at a rally organised by India Against Corruption (IAC) at the MMRDA grounds in Mumbai in December 2011. (ANI)