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Prince Harry returns to Afghanistan to fly Apache helicopters

Kabul, Sep 8 (): Prince Harry, 27-year-old British prince has reached Afghanistan to begin his four-month combat tour for British military. He arrived at Camp Bastion on Friday and will be starting his work as a gunner and an Apache co-pilot within 10 days.

Prince Harry will be a part of the combat mission against Taliban. This tour is his second of his Afghanistan deployment – he has already spent about 10 weeks in the province of Helmand in 2007-08 but he returned back after media informed about his secret deployment.

Prince Harry, who is known as Captain Harry Wales in the army, wearing a combat uniform joined his 100-strong unit of 662 Squadron and 3 Regiment Army Air Corps.

Britain has nearly 9,500 troops in Afghanistan, which is mainly based in the Helmand province. It has suffered about 425 deaths from the time it had started the operations against Taliban in 2001.

The prince’s earlier posting as an air traffic controller in the battlefields of Afghanistan in 2007-2008 was very brief and it lasted for only 10 weeks.

But with his first trip to Afghanistan in 2007-2008, Prince Harry became the first member of British royals to serve at a war field since Prince Andrew, his uncle, served as helicopter pilot in Falkland’s war with Argentina in 1982.

Before leaving to Afghanistan, Harry bid farewell to his very close family members at the Queen’s private estate palace in Scotland and Balmoral. Earlier this week, he saw Prince William, his brother at his home in Kensington Palace in London.

Next Saturday, Prince Harry will be celebrating his 28th birthday at Camp Bastion and the palace sources said he will be given the same treatment just as his fellow soldiers.

Sources said, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles have been informed about his deployment, adding that Prince’s father Charles was very proud of his son.