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Easy Stress-Busters that really work!

From the real life experience of a Tamilian, who is easily contented with simple pleasures of life… 

Hello! Are you the one who is stressed-out? Or experienced a burn–out at work? Or, just feeling plain bored of life? Then, read on for some easy tips to bust your stress and break monotony in life. (Warning: This is for those folks who can be easily satisfied with simple delights and little joys of life!)

–          Aim to do a special task each day apart from your routine tasks- be it spending extra time with your child/family/friends, taking your child out for a surprise treat, or just offering a helping hand to a neighbour or an ailing acquaintance or just giving some food to a needy person-anything you can. Be assured, you will be filled with a sense of satisfaction.

–          When did you last call up your school friend or your mom or your close aunt? You don’t remember? Go ahead, make the call. Even with nothing to talk about, simple exchange of pleasantries would magically improve your mood. (Call me old-fashioned, I strongly feel an emotional disconnect with the virtual connect you experience in our social networking sites). I can assertively say that a phone call or a personal visit is more gratifying.

–          For those who are restless and cannot sit down to widely publicized and celebrity-endorsed yoga, meditation etc. do some simple stretches and take a quick walk, taking in the beauties of nature after hours of poring over PC at work to clear your mind and ease out the strained nerves.

–          A short nap of 10 minutes, followed by a cup of black coffee refreshes you to a larger extent.

–          Go shopping! You can shop around, of course keeping in mind the money in your pocket. When I am high on money, I go buy silver bars! (Am investing simultaneously, you know!) I am not a gold person, plus you have to think twice to buy even gold coins (forget bars!), with its sky-rocketing prices! When I have just enough cash reserves, I hit the neighbourhood supermarket chain and shoving aside the shade of guilt, I load up the shopping basket with all those ‘restricted and banned foods’-sugary fruit concentrates, rich and nutty ice creams, chips, low-fat(!?) cheese, rich cakes etc. Though I don’t eat them in large quantities, believe me, just buying them would calm my nerves! Or, I go shopping for my perennial favourites-handicrafts & clothes.

–          When you feel like being pampered, just head to your beautician – even basic treatments would do if you don’t want a hole in your pocket.

–          Gardening comes next which is a sure-fire stress buster!  Do some weeding, cleaning, re planting–whatever, you will feel a sense of calm settling all over when you see the plant you nurtured blossom or when a seed you sowed breaks into a young plant.

–          Set aside ‘me time’ everyday, few minutes perhaps, however busy you are. Strictly no interferences. I absolutely feel the happiest to read a book or listen to music or just be myself, doing nothing and letting my mind go blank.

–          Cleaning up any part of the house, say an overflowing wardrobe or kitchen shelf is another easy way to take the steam off. The added benefit is you’re simply more organized!

–          And, when it comes to foods – Nutella, rich plum cakes, dark chocolate bars, cookies, lavishly-buttered bread, a chappati (Indian bread) rolled with a huge dollop of ghee and sugar are my comfort foods!

The last one stress-buster I really want do not want to miss, (this is for those who can cook and are fond of cooking)–quickly whip up a chocolate mug cake in your microwave. And, eat it as well!