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India will have to follow Pakistan’s lead from now onwards: FM Khar

Islamabad, Sept. 7 (ANI): Pakistan has walked the talk and will not follow India, but continue to lead, said the country’s Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar ahead of her talks with her Indian counterpart S.M.Krishna in Islamabad.

Pakistan believes in proactive diplomacy and not reactive diplomacy, Khar added.

“I am proud that Pakistan will not follow India, but instead, this nation will lead and India will have to pursue this. We will not react. We have moved very far from the status quo. Look at trade. Pakistan changed positions after 45 years. We remain steadfast,” The News quoted Khar, as saying on the eve of the resumed dialogue with India.

“Issues like Jammu and Kashmir and other contentious ones, unless they move forward, we cannot create an environment for a peaceful region. Pakistan has put proposals on the table because Kashmir is very important for us,” she said.

“As far as criticism on the Mumbai trial is concerned, let me just say one thing. Give Pakistan access to the witnesses involved and we should be able to see considerable progress. Yes, the prime minister has made his visit to Pakistan conditional, but diplomacy is not about putting conditions,” she added.

Khar said she believes both countries are moving on positively.

“I have told the Indian leadership that it is time that we put away traditional notes that have been handed down now for decades (by the bureaucracy), and as politicians lead the way. In my Foreign Office, I have given strict instructions that there should be no negative statements against India by bureaucrats. But Pakistan gets bashed up constantly by India. We all must do our bit to move on,” Khar said. (ANI)