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IAF to host an exhibition of models of its aircraft

Bangalore, Sep 7 (ANI): A month prior to its anniversary on October 8, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is all set to host an exhibition of various aircraft models in Bangalore.

This exhibition would open for general public on September 8 and 9 and will be the first of its kind.

A preview of this educative and informative expo was held on Thursday at Orion Mall in the city.

Group Captain Maruti, the Command and Public Relations Officer of the Training Command, said the motto of the exhibition was not meant to show off the country’s air power, but to educate the masses about various aircrafts.

“Indian Air Force is celebrating the 80th anniversary that falls on the 08th October, 2012. As a mark of this 80th anniversary, we are having this exhibition, mainly to have a people contact to make people aware and conscious of the Indian Air Force,” said Maruti.

Group Captain Anil Tiwari, the Commanding Officer of the Electronic Training Institute, said they have tried to display a variety of aircrafts, missiles and electronic items.

“We will be putting maximum models on display and there will be different kinds of models, including the ones which we are developing and ones which are already in use. Besides aircraft we have also displayed electronic equipments like weapon locating radar with which we can identify the location of weapons. We are also showcasing the indigenous missile, which India is developing,” said Tiwari.

“It is actually a good initiative by the IAF. It is a good thing actually. So many aircraft, I didn’t know so many aircraft. I got to learn more. I didn’t know about Avnov and all those things that is a good plane. I just read the features and all. Actually seeing all these, actually makes me feel join the Air Force. Very good thing, it’s very knowledgeable and I need to thank the IAF for doing this actually,” said Rakshit a visitor at the preview of exhibition.

Bangalore has been the venue for Aero India shows every second year for the past two decades and more.

It is also the home to some of the prime establishments of the IAF such as the Headquarters of Training Command, various ground and flying training centres, institute of aviation medicine and above all the ASTE (Aircraft Systems and Testing Establishment) that certifies every other flying machine flown by the gallant air warriors. (ANI)