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FM Khar hopes for normalisation of India, Pak ties

Islamabad, Sep. 7 (ANI): Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, who will hold talks with her Indian counterpart S.M. Krishna over the weekend, on Friday expressed hope that the two Asian neighbours would normalise relations.

Asserting that the talks between the two sides are moving ahead in a positive trajectory, Khar said: “I think it is important.. every time we get a chance like this, to be able to take a few steps back and spend some time thinking about the intent behind these talks. The intent behind these talks is that India-Pakistan relations must normalize completely. India, Pakistan cease to create headlines. India, Pakistan meetings cease to create headlines, and they are like any two neighbours meeting.”

Khar said the two sides have had a difficult past and have some serious disputes between the two countries.

“The territorial disputes, including the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir. And, we have had a relationship, which has been accident-prone, event-based etc. I think, in the last two years, what we have been able to show is a serious intent at the political leadership level, to forge ahead without being overwhelmed by the past, and to really create room for the future to prosper, rather than be bogged down by the accidents and history of the past,” she added.

Khar further emphasized that Pakistan has sent some serious messages in terms of changing its approach towards India in the last few years.

“Our movement on the trade relations or normalization of trade relations with India is a small part of those equations. If we have changed a position that we held for 45 years, it is encouraging India also to come forward and change some positions that we have held,” Khar told Asian News International (ANI) in an exclusive interview.

“We must not let this relationship be defined by the positions that we have held in the past. If you have a futuristic vision and look at the regional and national situation, then we should be more encouraged to move forward to normalize the relations between the two countries as much as possible,” she added.

When asked whether Pakistan has put resolution on the Kashmir dispute on the backburner, Khar said: “I don’t look at it putting anything on the backburner. I look at it as moving forward to resolving the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir and the other territorial disputes.”

“Today, we are creating the confidence, the environment to be able to move towards a time when journalists like yourself will not a start a conversation by the affects of 26/11,” she added.

By Smita Prakash (ANI)