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Capsized Costa Concordia captain told passengers cruise ship ‘was simply suffering power cut’

London, Sept 7 (ANI): The captain of the Costa Concordia, the luxury cruise liner that ran aground off the Italian coast in late January, told passengers that the ship was simply suffering a power cut despite suspecting that it was rapidly sinking, it has emerged.

Recorded conversations from the bridge of the cruise liner show that Francesco Schettino feared that the ship was “going down”.

“Madonna, what have I done?” he was recorded as saying just seconds after the huge ship rammed into the reef.

In a frantic call to the officer in command of the ship’s engine room, he asked: “So are we really going down?”

According to The Telegraph, three minutes later Schettino told an officer on the bridge not to tell passengers of the true extent of the disaster.

“Say, that there has been a blackout,” he ordered.

Eight minutes later Schettino allegedly made a similarly false assurance to the Italian Coast Guard.

“We’ve had a blackout, we’re just evaluating … at most we’re going to need a tug boat,” he has said.

The recorded conversations, which have been recovered from the ship’s “black box” data recorder, were obtained by La Stampa newspaper.

Schettino has been accused of deliberately misleading the Coast Guard and officials from his own company as to the true extent of the January 13 disaster, which led to the deaths of 32 people. (ANI)