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Obama’s DNC closing party to have Indian-origin DJ Vikas Sapra to spin tunes

New York, Sept 6 (ANI): Brooklyn-based DJ Vikas Sapra is set to perform for President Obama at Thursday night’s closing party of the Democratic National Convention.

Sapra, 31, hasn’t been told yet exactly where the party in Charlotte, North Carolina will be held, but he’s made sure to check Obama’s two public Spotify rosters, which include an eclectic mix of U2, Wilco, James Taylor, and Jennifer Hudson songs.

“They are being very tight-lipped,” the New York Daily News quoted him as saying.

“I won’t know where it is until I arrive in a car.

“This is by far the biggest honor I’ve had to date,” he said.

Two weeks ago Sapra got a call from a booking agency asking if he was free Thursday night.

He had tentative plans to play a Fashion Night Out gig but was easily able to adjust his schedule for the president and a crowd of high-profile Democratic politicians.

As a nod to Obama’s roots, Sapra plans to play feel-good music from every genre dating back to the 1950s, with a heavy dose of “Chicago soul sound” and classic hip-hop music, he said, adding he plans to be careful to use the sanitized versions of the more colorful rap songs.

“No songs talking about hoes and popping bottles. It’s just not appropriate for that type of setting,” he added.

The celebrity DJ normally plays at hotspots like Avenue, PH-D, and 1 Oak. (ANI)