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TTP militants ‘did not face much resistance from PAF personnel’ during Kamra base attack, shows CCTV footage

Islamabad, Sep 5 (ANI): A CCTV footage of last month’s deadly attack on the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) base at Kamra allegedly shows that the attackers did not face much resistance from PAF personnel at the base.

Evidence gleaned from the footage indicates that the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants had “contacts” with security personnel at the base. Footage from a second surveillance camera allegedly discloses the attackers having a meeting around a table after their assault on the base.

According to The Express Tribune, the assault led to a reconnaissance aircraft being destroyed, while two others were partially damaged. The two footages are approximately nine and five minutes long.

The footage also showed that in a bid to escape heavy firing from militants, the PAF security personnel took shelter in a room.

Sources said the tactics employed by the soldier who lost his life while fighting off the attackers and a colonel led to defeating them. The colonel not only saved the life of the base commander, but also killed four of the militants.

Sources also said the evidence collected by the PAF officials heading the inquiry suggested that some security personnel who had possible involvement in the attack would be court-martialed. (ANI)