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Pro-Tamils force Sri Lankan pilgrims to leave

Chennai/Colombo, Sep 5 () : Five buses carrying Sri Lankan pilgrims were reportedly attacked on Tuesday on their way to Trichy airport.  The protestors smashed the window panes of one of the buses causing injuries to the pilgrims inside.

On Tuesday morning, a batch of 178 Sri Lankan pilgrims were attacked by the pro-Tamils who stopped the vehicle when they were returning back on their way from Velakanni Christian Shrine near Nagapattinam.

On Monday, the Sri Lankans were believed to have been attacked similarly when they were travelling to Poondi Madha Christian Shrine near Thanjavur. The pilgrims who visited Tamil Nadu included seventy-five women and thirty-six children.

After the attack on the pilgrims was reported, a team of police personnel rushed to the spot to rescue the pilgrims from the protesters, said sources.  The Sri Lankans were then escorted to a safer destination to Tiruchirappalli and are expected to leave for their country.

The Sri Lankan government has already issued a travel warning to the civilians visiting southern part of India following the growing incidents of attack on the Sri Lankans in the recent past, said the Sri Lankan External affairs ministry.

The government of Sri Lanka was enforced to issue the travel advisory after 178 pilgrims from the island were attacked on their way back from a church in Tamil Nadu on Tuesday. Therefore the government of Sri Lanka has told the people to avoid travelling in Tamil Nadu until further information is received.

The Ministry also added by saying that in case of any emergency to visit Tamil Nadu, then such visits should be informed previously to the Sri Lankan deputy high commission in Chennai. The Ministry also said that it was safe to travel rest of the states in India except Tamil Nadu.

The government of Sri Lanka has regretted the incident of its nationals having been targeted who were forced to take refuge inside the church after being attacked by the pro Tamils in Tamil Nadu.