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Major fire breaks out in Sivakasi fire-cracker factory, 40 feared killed

Sivakasi, Sep 5 (): Forty people were feared killed while more than seventy were said to be injured in a major fire that broke out at a fire cracker factory in Sivakasi in Virudhnagar district in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday.

The fire broke out around 12: 30pm at Om Sakthi Fireworks in Mudhalaipatti, in a fire working manufacturing center of Sivakasi. There were total forty rooms in the center and all the forty rooms in the unit were completely collapsed.

The police and fire brigade officials were fighting hard in pulling the dead bodies out of the debris. The officials said that the number of death could go still higher as many labours were feared to have been trapped.

When the accident took place, a total of 250 employees were said to be working in the unit. “We are uncertain about the extent of damage and casualty,” said a senior revenue official. Fire brigade officials and rescue services were not able to go near the accident site fearing another explosion as huge quantity of crackers was stocked inside the unit.

 It took more than two hours to gain entry into the unit. Some of the employees were tossed away to a distant place due to the impact of the explosion. The injured were rushed to the government hospitals in Sivakasi and some were rushed to Madurai, said an official.

The fire would have caused due to friction between the chemicals, said Revenue officials. The officials considered the accident to be one of the biggest explosions in the past decades at Sivakasi.

In 2012 till now four explosions have occurred in various fire cracker units in Sivakasi in which four people were dead. Om Sakthi Fireworks was one of the units which manufacture fancy fireworks and are dangerous than other crackers that are designed to make loud noise .Chemicals in these fancy crackers move fast causing wide damage. That is why the fire which broke in one room spread fast to other rooms doing  the maximum damage.