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Google may face ‘tsunami of litigation’ over alleged ‘manipulation of search results’

London, Sept 4 (ANI): Google could face ‘a tsunami of litigation’ if it does not make efforts to bring changes in its biased search results, the head of a British search engine company has said.

The remarks came from Shivaun Raff of Foundem, the first firm that complained to the EU in 2010 that Google was elevating its own services in search results, which resulted in its competitors losing out.

Other major technology companies, including Microsoft, later joined in with the complaint.

Raff, Foundem’s co-founder and chief executive, said that Google was facing a ‘tsunami of follow-on litigation that would surely follow an infringement decision,’ the Telegraph reports.

“Unbeknown to its shareholders, Google’s increasingly anti-competitive practices have been quietly accruing billions of dollars of antitrust liabilities,” the paper quoted Raff, as saying.

“It is impossible to know how many companies have been harmed or destroyed by these practices – it could be hundreds or even thousands – but whatever the number, the consequence of abuse on a grand scale is liabilities on a grand scale,” she added.

The EU and Google are at loggerheads over how the company should comply with competition regulations.

According to the paper, Google have suggested potential solutions but, according to Raff, the company will not get off likely and the EU could force legal action. (ANI)