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Mamata orders Kolkata Police to raid publishing office

Kolkata, Sep 4 ():West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had entangled herself in another one controversy, by ordering the Kolkata Police to raid a well-known publishing house’s office and shop at College Street after it published a book ‘Musalmander ki Karaniya’ (What Muslims Should Do),  written by  former senior police officer Dr Nazrul Islam.

The publishing house, Mitra and Ghosh condemned the Trinamool Congress government for targeting them after the publication of the book which criticizes Mamata’s administration. A police team after reaching the office of the publishing house forced to close the counter and started to search the books.

The book written by Dr Islam, reportedly criticizes the government for its policies on minority appeasement and also its inability to improve the conditions of Muslims in the state. Even though the book was not banned, a team of police reportedly searched the offices of its publishers, Mitra and Ghosh.

The incident has evoked furious responses in the state with a number of people accusing the government for its policies. “You are in power. If I criticize you, is that a crime?” said the author of the book. They claim that the raids were conducted with an intention to threaten them.

The Trinamool chief, Mamata Banerjee is under severe attack for her highhandedness in the past few months.  Professor Ambikesh Mahapatra of the Jadavpur University was arrested in the midnight in April for circulating a cartoon of the chief minister and was beaten up by the workers from Ms Banerjee’s party, Trinamool Congress.

Last month, Mamata directed the police to arrest a farmer who asked the Chief Minister a question at a public rally at Belpahar. Mamata did not stop by arresting him she also claimed that the farmer was a Maoist and kept him behind bars for nearly a month.