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Love failure pushes man to kill 5, before shooting himself

New Delhi, Sep 4 (): A young angry man gunned down five people in Delhi, including his lover, after she was married to another man.

Twenty-five year old Ravi killed his girl friend Renu, her husband Navin and the owner of the house Sheila (53) in Bindapur area of south-west Delhi. The man then headed towards Ghaziabad, travelling a distance of forty kms to kill the girl’s father Harender and Sister Baby to avenge his loss.

Ravi, who was initially in love with Renu wanted to marry her sister Baby after Renu’s marriage to another man. When the girl’s family did not allow this he became irritated, a senior police official said.

After killing Renu’s husband, the man then turned his gun towards his lover Renu. After shooting his lover Renu, Sheila was killed when she came running after hearing the gunshot.

According to Dinesh, who was running a real-estate office in the neighborhood rushed from his  office  and saw a man running out of  the house with two firearms in his hands.

Dinesh added that the man threatened to shoot him if he comes in his way, saying so the man fled in a car.

The man then left to Ghaziabad where Renu’s family was residing entered the house and killed both Renu’s father and her sister on the spot. Following which he killed himself with the same gun before the villagers surrounded him.

Postmortem report said that Renu suffered two bullet injuries while Sheila was hit by three bullets.

Investigation revealed that Ravi was Naveen’s cousin. Ravi first fell in love with Renu and after that he fell in love with her sister Baby. He tried to convince Renu to arrange his marriage with her sister, when she declined, he tried to convince her father. When the total family did not pay heed to his wish, he got enraged and planned to eliminate them.

A domestic helper who was inside the home when the incident took place was not able to narrate the incident as she was in a shock, said the police.