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Kareena Kapoor promotes Heroine in Dubai

Dubai, Sep 4 (): Heroine, actress Kareena Kapoor, director Madhur Bhandarkar and producer Siddharth Roy Kapur promoted their upcoming film ‘Heroine’ in Dubai in a stylish and showy promotional programme on a cruise.

Kareena had a feeling like a true ‘heroine’ when she landed at the Jebel Resort on Monday evening for the cruise. Her mood was pleasant and sunny, a stark difference to her reel-life role of Mahi Arora.

Heroine actress said she was calm, balanced and sorted. She would never take decisions that role Mahi Arora would take as an actress.

Kapur, managing director – Studios, Disney UTV said they had planned the marketing of Heroine very creatively and in sync with the glamour quotient of the film. Kareena and Madhur were also involved in the planning process with them and they were happy to have an innovative event in Dubai.

Bhandarkar was very impressed with the innovative promotional strategy. He said only ‘Heroine’ Kareena could have carried this off with much aplomb like her role in the film.

Kareena Kapoor said the Madhur Bhandarkar-directed movie represented the ugly reality of a leading actress who falls from grace. She said that Madhur felt the character was 70 per cent real, but she felt it was 80 per cent real. However, she added that it was not a biography of a particular star. It was all about all actors in here.

The team of Heroine, the movie which revolves around the behind-the-scenes life of a Bollywood actress, was busy spreading words about the movie during the promotional programme.

Under the promotional programme in Dubai, initially a press conference was held which was followed by appearing to the public on the roadside and lastly a blast where elder sister and actress Karisma Kapoor too rocked till the wee hours.