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Indian-made Obama documentary smashes box office despite low budget production

New York, Sept 4 (ANI): New documentary ’2016 Obama’s America’ has stunned the film industry after becoming a box office success, despite having virtually no promotional budget.

Conservative scholar Diniseh D’Souza’s film has shocked industry prognosticators by earning an estimated 20 million dollars to date, more than five times what the second-highest documentary this year, ‘Bully,’ earned.

While pundits and critics are divided over whether ’2016: Obama’s America’ is a sobering documentary examining “the most mysterious US president in modern history” or an 87-minute attack ad, there’s no debating that the film is a box office phenomenon.

With virtually no promotional budget, the film has expanded in a little over a month from one theater in Houston to 1747 screens this weekend.

“People see the success and they think we have the marketing budget of ‘Dark Knight Rises,’ we probably don’t even have the catering budget of the ‘Dark Knight’,” the New York Daily News quoted co-director John Sullivan, who helped craft the promotional plan, as saying.

Sullivan said that ahead of the film’s mid-July opening at the Edward Houston Marq’E Stadium 23 and IMAX, local right-wing radio host Michael Berry championed the film with an all-out publicity blitz on his show.

Roughly 200 movie-goers were turned away from the sold out shows that weekend, a theater manager told the Hollywood Reporter.

From there, the film opened in three additional Houston-area theaters, then a handful of other cities in the reddest of states.

It helped that by the time it jumped onto 1,071 screens last weekend, it didn’t have to go toe-to-toe with Batman or Iron Man.

“This is a case of good timing,” Paul Dergarabedian, box office analyst for Hollywood.com, said.

“If it would have come out even two weeks earlier, it would have been swamped by the big blockbusters,” he added.

The film taps into Republican dissatisfaction with President Obama – not unlike the rage Democrats felt in 2004 that Michael Moore tapped with ‘Fahrenheit 9/11.’ (ANI)