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MLA in Jharkhand assembly tears his shirt

Jharkhand, Sep 3 (): An opposition legislature in the Jharkhand assembly ripped off his Kurta on Monday in order to demand rehabilitation and compensation to the people who were displaced by the Bokaro Steel Plant enforcing the speaker to adjourn the house.

The MLA Samresh Singh tore his Kurta in the Assembly in front of the Chief Minister Arjun Munda to bring the dilemma of the displaced people to the notice of the government after speaking to him regarding the issue.

“I asked the CM if you want to shoot the displaced people of Bokaro Steel Plant then first shoot me and I tore my kurta,” said the MLA to reporters after the house was adjourned. Speaker C.P. Singh has to adjourn the house for an hour after the MLA’s behavior. The MLA Samresh Singh after moving close to the CM spoke to him and then ripped off his shirt.

The opposition wanted the Bharatiya Janata Party- led government to fix on a stand on the displacement issue in the state. They came close to the Speaker’s chair demanding the government to take an appropriate decision on the issue.

When the house was resumed for the second time at 12 noon, the members again created scene by moving close to the speaker’s chair in order to return the land obtained by the state government for the sake of an Indian Institute of Management and Law University on the outer edge of Ranchi, which made the speaker to once again adjourn the house till 12.30 p.m.

After similar scenes were repeated by the opposition in the assembly the speaker was left with no other option except adjourning till Tuesday. Earlier during the 2011 budget session Samresh Singh indulged identically by climbing on the table in the assembly house making a demand for another one issue.