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Jayalalithaa suspends official for permitting Sri Lankan football team to play in Chennai

Chennai, Sep 3 (): Following her disapproval to train the Sri Lankan defence personnel in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa has now directed to send back the Sri Lankan football team.

The instruction came from Jayalalithaa after a team from Sri Lanka, Royal College of Colombo, played a match against Chennai Customs team on Friday in the city. The Chief Minister has ordered a suspension of the stadium official for permitting the Sri Lankan team to participate in the match by saying that the official had insulted the Tamils.

The CM in a statement ordered that the Sri Lankan team should be sent back immediately and no competitions should take place for them throughout Tamil Nadu. The other teams from the Hilborn International School were about to play a tournament in Chennai against the Velammal International School but were asked to return back along with their coach.

Jayalalithaa blamed the central government for having a soft corner to the Sri Lankan players who have been permitted to undergo training in India in order to make them more efficient.

Last week, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was requested by the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to stop the training programme for two Sri Lankan defence personnel at the Defence Services Staff College in Wellington near Ooty.  In her letter to the Prime Minister, she had strongly opposed demanding to send them back immediately.

Jayalalithaa mentioned that “the training has been mischievously concealed from my government, showing scant regard for the views of my government as well as for the sentiments of the people of Tamil Nadu.”

Last month, Jayalalithaa condemned and opposed a similar training programme for nine Sri Lankan Air Force personnel at the Tambaram Air Force Station in Chennai which was supported by various political parties in the state including the DMK.