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It’s hard to get mad at ‘hard-working’ Barack, says First Lady

Washington, September 3 (ANI): US First lady Michelle Obama has admitted that she finds it hard to get angry with her hard-working husband.

She made the revelation in an interview with Parade magazine published Sunday.

“This last three and a half years, it’s been hard to be really furious at him, because he’s working so hard and doing it at great personal sacrifice, but he’s still managing to be the father and husband he was before. So I have a harder time taking [issue with] his little foibles, whether it’s leaving his shoes out or not,” the Politico quoted the First lady as telling the magazine.

“We have people [here] who pick them up. [Otherwise] they’d still be there,” she said about Obama’s shoes.

But she said that there were still things that bothered her, like being forced to wait for her husband.

“Little things, like, I’m waiting for him today for 30 minutes, ’cause I’m always waiting for him. He comes down and he’s, ‘All right, let’s go!’ And it’s like, ‘Oh, so now you’re in a rush?’ she said.

President Obama supported her, saying “She’s more punctual than I am.”

The president added that the most difficult part of their marriage was when they were both working prior to living in the White House and when their daughters were younger.

“No matter how enlightened men like to think they are when it comes to child rearing and balancing work, I think it falls a little harder on women,” Obama said.

The first lady continued “My emotions about my role as a mother are a lot more – not to say that he doesn’t want to be the best father, but he’s much more laid back about it and I’m much harder on myself, like many mothers”. (ANI)